Some questions you might have about Atlasware

Atlasware Questions:

Do you have a large practice and are limited by the 500 case download?  With the new Atlasware, you can now download unlimited amounts of files at one time.  Again, no more cost to Atlasware users.
Need the file right now, no if, ands or buts?  ATLASWARE EXPRESS will get it IMMEDIATELY if the BSO is up and the client’s documents are available on the BSO. No extra cost.  No Wait.

Are you tired of copying texts into your computer for access to the BSO from your phone?  Then get Atlasware and it will all stop.  No more texts to login. The computer does the busywork for you.  Auto-copying of verification codes.

Do your employees waste time checking back to make sure a file is ready?  You pay them for their time.  So stop that.  Get Atlasware and multiple converted PDF files will delivered to their computer without re-login as soon as the Agency makes it ready.No pickup and again, no extra charge.

Are you tired of popping in and out of files to read them from the Agency provided HTML menu?  Then use the Atlasware industry standard PDF file so you can read the file without going in and out of exhibits.

Are you upset with the PDF download from the Agency because of the lack of proper numbering and page formatting to make your preparation and advocacy simpler and faster?  Again, Atlasware is the answer.  Our PDF is far superior to the Agency provided PDF, plus all the other advantages you have already read about.  Here are some more:

  • Hyperlinked index on page one—easily printed out
  • “Return to Top” button at the bottom of each page in the file
  • Headers that tell you exactly what page you are on in the file
  • Central note taking system
  • Bookmarked by exhibit
  • Free Demo Version Included in Free Download


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