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And here is the BIG NEWS!

After years of development, Atlasware has broken through the barrier for NOTE MIGRATION. Many representatives download an EDIB file, makes notes on it, develop the file, send in more information to the Agency, download another to see if there are changes, and then download the file one more time before the hearing. Besides the time involved in the download, procedure, the problem has always been that your notes are on an old copy of the file. The newest download has no notes. Frustrating. No More.

Download any file you want with the NEW ATLASWARE and make whatever changes you want. When you want an update to your file or multiple files just find the file in Windows and RIGHT CLICK AND SELECT UPDATE. That is all you have to do. AND THAT IS NEW TOO!

Atlasware will go to ERE and grab all the new exhibits that don’t exist in the highlighted PDFs, add these new documents to your files, and your notes in each file stay right where they are. This is a quantum advance in the forensic utility of the program and of course it is free for all Atlasware users.

Think of the time you and your staff put into downloading. The time you spend with your notes that have to be transferred. You are paying your staff to do this busy work when they could be doing more productive things. It is worse when you are doing it yourself. ATLASWARE will pay for itself over and over, particularly if you charge expenses. There has never been a better time to get Atlasware. Go get it now!

Instructions to Note Migration to come.